Saturday, June 18, 2011

Residential Development | Von Galen-Street | Marl Germany | Petersen Architekten

Existing postwar houses would be replaced by new buildings, which ones will garantee a modern living quality. The option is a variability of floor plans as well as the building services engineering. The technical „Manpower“ of the housing company should be able to accomplish all later changes.

The buildings follow essentially the alignment of the existing houses, in order to preserve the tree population on the property. Seven existing buildings with a renting surface of 2,725 m2 are replaced by eight new houses with 3.821 m2 renting surface divided in 48 housing units. (In a second construction stage 2-storeys appartment buildings could be added on the garden side and add 848 m2 renting surface in 16 housing units). ......more
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