Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pavillion Design | Pavilion for Madrid Book Fair 2008,Madrid,Spain | Olga + Sanin Marcelo Dantas

In this project, the book became the design motif of an ephemeral installation.

"This intention lead us to the work of Noriko Ambe, whose creations extensively developed this theme, manipulating the book as an object in search of new relations of space, scale, rhythm and texture. The architectural quality of her work was of special interest and influence over our design process.
Of her work we retain above all the confrontation of two rules and opposite systems, intertwined in the same object to create a whole of cohesive expression. It’s that unity that we seek in our intervention. A volumetric and spatial whole built of light and shadow, with flattened surfaces and rhythmic textures.
And so we start making other experiments… the constructive system brought to pure simplicity, the materiality and scale close to the ethereal, the bright internal light, filtered by the same surfaces that appeal to touch on the outside and balance with the wind, and the shadows they project.

The sequence of planes originates a volume of dynamic expression, between opacity and transparency, filtering the light to create a sheltered space, like a small hideout. The external regularity contrasts with the nature of the small auditorium within, where life appears fluid and continuous. Simple as a book, surprising and beautiful like the mysteries they enfold.

Architecture: Olga Sanina, Marcelo Dantas.
Photography: Miguel de Guzman.
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