Friday, June 17, 2011

School Design | Josephine Baker School | La Courneuve | France | Dominique Coulon

The project is part of the urban plan, Bernard Paurd very subtle seeking to match the different signs and traces superimposed on the site as a palimpsest of various scriptures. The plan reorganizes the district according to the intersection at right angles of two historic highways, one leading from Paris - the fountain of St. Michel - the cathedral of Saint-Denis, the other from the cathedral to the Saint-Lucien. This intersection of abscissa and ordinate makes legible the outcrop traces varied: the ruins of a Gallo-Roman or scars that testify to the destruction of bars Ravel and Presov, dynamited on 23 June 2004. As if the card had tattooed the territory.
The school group has a trapezoidal parcel postmarked by the no-building zone corresponding to the location of one of the two buildings destroyed. While respecting the plan and intentions Paurd Bernard, Dominique Coulon seems to think this scar as a support act...........more
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