Sunday, June 26, 2011

Community Center Design | Mosaikken Community Centre | Kjellerup | Denmark | Arkitema Architects

The vision is that the entire development – the building and the surrounding spaces – will be woven into the existing, somewhat complex urban scene to create a new wholeness and identity in the area, while at the same time establishing itself as a public meeting-place. The building houses: library, cinema, meeting facilities, teaching facilities, school administration, local art exebition and more.

The aim is to create a building that is open and inviting, and which will allow itself to be coloured and transformed by the various activities taking place there during the day and evening. The building is called Mosaikken – the mosaic – because of its mix of functions which takes place in it.

The building is open towards the square that links it to the sports hall. From here, users are led into the building's common area, which has the character of a market square.

It is a bright room with a high ceiling and two large space-creating elements: "The Rotunda" and "The Bookshelf", both of which are visible from the outside, and consequently help to communicate the building's activities. The Bookshelf provides access to the library and separates it from the ‘market square’. Its location along one side of the market square means that the library makes natural use of parts of the square for its exhibitions, notice boards, etc. The school and the library are also linked by a smaller connecting building.........more
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