Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sports Arena Design | 2013 Chinese National Games Judo Arena | Shenyang | China | Emergent

The site for the Chinese National Games Arena is located in a Shenyang University courtyard lined on three sides by University buildings and on one side by major arterial street which features the new 300kmh Shenyang High-Speed Rail line. The design is a simple volume which becomes increasingly articulated and transparent towards public spaces and its main entry.

The arena will house 3,000 fixed seats above the mezzanine level and 2,000 retractable seats below. It is designed for maximum flexibility to allow for both official Judo events in 2013 and for performing arts events, public lectures, and student sports events after the completion of the games. The retractable seating system allows for the conversion of a 51m x 31m gaming area into a 64m x 44m multifunctional space.......more
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