Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shopping Mall Design | New City Centre Minsk | Belarus | BRT Architekten

The plot is located in a scenic area to the north-east of the city centre of Minsk and can be reached via an arterial road that leads to the airport. In a easterly direction about 850 m away is the new National Library of Belarus that has become a famous landmark of modern development in Minsk due to its dimension and its appearance. To the east the plot is bordered on by a belt of dense forest. The task of the design is to develop a multi-purpose complex with diverse recreational and business utilisations such as a shopping mall, a supermarket, an entertainment centre with a family and a night entertainment area, an office centre, a 5-star business hotel, an apartment hotel and a sport centre. The working field consists of two trapezoidal areas of which one is intended for the main utilisations, the other for parking solutions. The total area amounts to approx. 80,300 sqm...........more
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