Friday, April 29, 2011

The Vache Noire shopping centre | Arcueil | Paris | BDP

A landmark retail building with a green heart.

The Vache Noire shopping centre is on a sloped site and therefore largely underground, to allow for the creation of a public garden on the roof of the building.

The large gently sloped garden, covering the shopping centre, rises towards the south and is easily accessible from the surrounding streets, and the public areas of the town of Arcueil. It offers the community a green haven right in the middle of the town centre.

Vache Noire is made up of two main levels of shops together with two other partial levels with a food and leisure offer, all located above three levels of the underground car park. The northern part of the project is bordered by a housing development of eight terraced levels overlooking the public garden to the south........more
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