Saturday, July 23, 2011

Viewing Platform Design | Koblenz 2011 Viewpoint | Germany | NEY + Partners

Viewing platform set on the top of a hill of Koblenz in Germany. Amazing view of the historical town, and of the confluence between Rhine and Mosel.
It is about a big outdoor wooden structure supported by Corten steel posts, themselves anchorded in concrete foundations. Top view represent a triangle defined by tree different spans, the last set on the first one. This junction is made using 4 L-shape wooden columns. A path set on the top of the roof allows the walkers to carry on the promenade outside the structure. The closed shape of the structure allows to avoid massive wind bracing frame. Wood essence used is Douglas-fir. Two layers of diagonales were used in the way to reduce the section and the buckling length by links at the crossing point. Joints were made with steel plates set into the wood by dowels. Design of elements and details tried to guarantee a maximum the durability of the all structure avoiding any water stagnation........more
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