Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Dragon | The 'mini structure for children' | Jinhua Architecture Park | Zhejiang China | HHF Architects

The 'mini structure for children' is our first building in China. Considering the difficulties to control the construction over such a long distance, we designed a structure with very few details. Even if the built shape is complex in its geometry, the process of the construction could be described in a very simple way.

The Baby Dragon sits at a corner of the walkway system and is articulated in three parts. The pavilion inhabits the border between an open lawn and a space under evergreen trees. The three shelters of the pavilion create different conditions of intimacy, control and usage: Starting with the construction's most public area, a protected meeting place for parents and the children's attendants, and going to the smaller and less controlled end which is almost part of the woods. ........more
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