Monday, July 27, 2009

Museo d’Arte Contemporanea (MAC) | Milan,Italy | DANIEL LIBESKIND

Architect: Studio Daniel Libeskind
Project Type: Museums
Client: City of Milan
Completion: 2008 | 2011

Project Description:
The project proposes a reinterpretation of Humanism Italian. It is the designer himself who claim to have inspired man shaping an architecture that is developed by the twist of a volume based on a square body of the circular geometry. An organic fluid with a space for the public in it: "The fluidity of the structure to contribute to the beauty of Milan with a new interpretation of the model Leonardesque".

The new museum will occupy a total area of 18mila square feet spread over five levels. Inside will be hosted, in conjunction with exhibition spaces, an auditorium of 500 square meters, commercial and recreational spaces, cafes, bookshops, libraries, restaurants and places of reading.
Subsoil will host a large spa, while the roof is a botanical garden.

For the outer shell were selected marbles of condolence, the same used for the Duomo, while the water features of the area recall the thermal Milan Navigli.
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