Monday, July 27, 2009

London Skyscraper | Super Tower | London | Popular Architecture

Architect: Popularchitecture
Design: 2008

Project Description:
The project dell'audace skyscraper was born in response to significant population growth expected by 2016, that London will lead to an increase of about one million inhabitants.

The interior spaces are arranged in real municipal areas, the single district with 600 residents, the village of 6000 inhabitants, up to three super district from 33mil inhabitants each.

The tower is on a circular base of 150 meters in diameter and reach the incredible height of one kilometer and a half for a total of 450 plans.
The load of the building is distributed along the circular outer shell that serves as structural support therefore. This choice has allowed designers to draw on the large tower circular openings that allow entry in natural light and ventilation, it is huge portholes designed as public areas available to residents, each with a specific function: track ice skating, botanic gardens, outdoor theater, tennis court.

Every 20 floors in the large gap is interrupted by a plan that provides public space for each village. The circulation within the tower is permitted by the central lift for large distances and the vertical transport unit smaller for access to individual apartments.

Super Tower: Footprint on the ground of 17.500 m2 equating to 0.0175 km2 (square kilometers).
Area required to house 100,000 people at Kensington & Chelsea's average density: area of 8,276,169 m2 equating to 8 km2 (square kilometers).
Area required to house 100,000 people at London's average Density: 20,250,000 m2 equating to 20Km2.
Area required to house 100,000 people at Bracknell's average density: 98,010,000 m2 equating to 98Km2.
Tower Statistics:
Population: 100,000 (including office, leisure, schools, hospitals & entertainment)
1500 Height: meters
Diameter: 150metres
No. of Floors: 450
No. of dwellings: 40,000
Internal area: 4,000,000 m2
External spaces: 150,000 m2 (Regents park has an area of 166,000 m2)
Architects and Design Concept: Popularchitecture
Project Managers and Cost Consultants: Gardiner & Theobold
Structural Engineers: Fluid Engineers
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