Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crescent Hydropolis Resort | Dubai | Joachim Hauser

Architect:Joachim Hauser
Completion: 2005 | 2007
Link: www.crescent-hydropolis.com

Project Description:
Hydropolis will rise to 300 meters away from the shore will be a huge submarine stopped at 20 meters depth, and cover the surface of a staggering 2,600,000 square meters.

The futuristic project includes three elements:
- A station of arrival (land station), where guests will be welcomed;
- A submarine in which space will be 220 rooms;
- A tunnel through which visitors can reach by train divers areas of the structure.

Access to the facility is via the Land Station. This is a semi-cylindrical body that develops in the high arched higher.
From the lower floor of the station of arrival from a quiet train, operated by an automated cable, which leads visitors into the heart of the body underwater.
The higher floors are home to a cosmetic surgery clinic, a marine biological laboratory and conference rooms. There are also a huge shopping mall, a cinema, restaurants and a viewing platform from which to admire the spectacular view of the complex underwater.
For the lower floors instead find office space, warehouses and car parks.
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