Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LITEXPO Exibition Pavilion Vilnius, Lithuania | Paleko Arch Studija

LITEXPO Exhibition Pavilion, Parodu st. 7, Vilnius

ARCHITECTS: R.Palekas, J.Garšvaite, A.Palekiene, B.Puzonas
COMPETITIVE PROJECT. 1st place winners
IDEA: heightening natural environment - opening green slope, possibility to continue developing of centre "Litexpo". A new triangled volume of exhibition building is joining to present pavilions. The grand hall is without columns, appropriate for various purposes. Also, a new conference hall, restaurant. Reconstructing exposition square. Horizontal character.
DECORATION: concrete, glass.
BUILDING AREA: 9 000 sqm

Paleko Arch Studija
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