Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hotel Europa Spa & Leisure Building,Killarney,Ireland | Gottstein Architects

The Hotel Europe is located just outside Killarney town in Co Kerry within an area of Prime Special Amenity. The site is on an inclined landscape overlooking "Loch Lein", the largest of the Killarney lakes with the Mc Guillycuddy Reeks mountain range forming the backdrop to the view. The nearby Black Valley and Gap of Dunloe, where huge glacial boulders emerge from the hills, define the local landscape. Originally built in 1962, the hotel has been substantially extended over the decades in and is now configured as a south-facing "U"-shaped building orientated towards the lake.
Area : 4,500m2
Design to completion : 2005-08
Contract Value : €40 million
Gottstein Architects
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