Friday, July 24, 2009

Housing | Butterfly Huts | Noh Bo,Thai-Burmese border | Tyin Tegnestue

Architect: Tyin Tegnestue
Designers: Pasi Aalto
Staff: Pasi Aalto Grøntvedt Andreas Gjertsen Yashar Hanstad Magnus Henriksen Line Ramstad Erlend Bauck Sun
Project Type: Modular Housing Unit
Client: Ole Jørgen Edna
completion: 2008 | 2009

Project Description:
Tyin Tegnestue is a humanitarian organization founded on the initiative of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Norwegian. Financed by more than 60 Norwegian companies, as well as other private contributions, the organization Tyin work in the field of architecture with the goal of helping people in distress.

The draft of the "Butterfly Huts" ( "Capanne butterfly", so named by virtue of the special geometry of the roof that is reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly) was created in response to the need to provide more housing for the children Karen refugees in Noh Bo, a small village that lies along the Thai-Burmese border. Completed in February this year, the six cabins now offer hospitality to 24 orphans.

Built with environmental sustainability, the six huts are made of prefabricated and assembled on site. The bamboo used was produced from local reserves (a few kilometers from the intervention), and is woven in traditional houses as the place.
The form "winged" roof helps the natural ventilation, and also contributes to the collection of rainwater, which is useful in times of drought.
The problems of moisture and deterioration have been solved by raising the ground construction, which are based on four old tires used as a foundation plan.
"Fundamental principles such as economy of materials and prevention of moisture - say by Tyin - are laying the foundations for sustainable construction of the future."
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