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Design Ideas-Fire Station ,Den Helder ,Netherlands | VenhoevenCS

Fire Station Den Helder

Location: Street Waddenzee, Den Helder
Program: depot, workshops, warehouses, hotels and accommodation, classrooms, canteen
Mission: BB, DO, specifications, drawings and aesthetic management lining
Client: ABC Building on behalf of the Municipality Den Helder
Area: 5100 m2 BVO
Building costs: € 5,950,000, - (incl. plants, excluding VAT)
Initial draft: April 2002
Construction Completion: February 2007

This fire station looks like a hangar: striking distance clearly recognizable, modern and ready. Behind the skin, the body of the barracks, the oiled machine of the fire equipment shelters. The striking steel roof is put in the front and both the depot and in the bedrooms and offices in sight left. Radiators, steel, pipes in sight and the use of color highlighting the machine-like character of the barracks. While the firefighters stay the utilitarian interior with a local skin of oak, polyurea or stucco

The entrance hall only by a large glass wall separated from the fire trucks, is located centrally in the building, so that a visitor entering the middle of the fire trucks imagine. This hall is connected to a three-storey atrium. If a village square are all functions, such as offices, garage, fitness and living areas visible around this room. What you get as a design architect with a look in the kitchen of the fire before going to the prevention section is sawn about your plans.
Images from VenhoevenCS.
Original text by VenhoevenCS translated by Design Ideas.
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