Monday, June 29, 2009

TSUNAMI MEMORIAL ,Bygdøy, South of Oslo | Monolab Studio

'the white field of stones' at the edge of land and water
is a tsunami memorial for the Norwegian victims on the west coastal zone of the peninsula Bygdøy, South of Oslo.
The monument consists of a loose field of white stones and a grouped part that assembles into a path and a kind of raft.
The raft itself is like an 'unfolded book' of which the standing part makes a screen
with openings as a counter form of the white stones of the raft.
The raft that holds the white stones together is made of black basalt.
From the sea, the stones and screen will light up against Bygdøy as the background.
Each stone in the raft represents a Norwegian tsunami victim.
The openings that mirror the stones in the raft are all unique, symbolising the (souls of the) victims.
The memorial is oriented towards the west, in order to experience the sunset every day
and has a zero ecological footprint, all materials are natural and will last for centuries.
The white stones and the screen are made of fibre reinforced white prefab concrete.
The tidal movement is around one foot.
The raft rests on the sea floor and is always surrounded by water.
The memorial is a place for ceremonies, where visitors, individuals
as well as families and groups, can reconciliate past and future.
The openings, through which ocean, horizon and sky are present,
are designed for personal ceremonies.
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