Monday, March 26, 2012

Stage Design | Open Air Stage Piberstein | Maria Lankowitz | Austria | Solid Architecture

Optically and functionally, the 3-dimensional building structure merges with its surrounding, by presenting a multiplicity of different views and connecting terrain and stage towards the swimming lake by means of a stand.
The stage rests on a prefabricated concrete basement housing, apart from a covered access area for the artists, also cloakrooms, rooms for sanitary facilities, showerrooms, a first-aid-room, a room for technical facilities and storage rooms. The stage proper is situated above these ancillary rooms. Two lateral stage towers, with one of them closed and the other one in an opened-up structure, open up the stage towards the natural arena, by being diagonally arranged. At the backside, a stand connects the stage level with the open-air terrain.........more
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