Monday, January 2, 2012

Shopping Mall Design | Retail Park | Betty Blue | Roermond | Netherlands | NIO Architecten

As unambiguous as this shopping machine is lying here on its doorstep, waiting for visitors, as ambiguous it is in relation to its shape and colour, it is sometimes straight and other times round, from the one side purple and from the other side blue. In the shelter of this enormous lifted and stretched drop of water, an inner square with almost exotic conditions has been shaped. It is as if a whole life of its own has been able to develop itself inside this inner space, in which façade openings, bill boards, lampposts, wastebaskets, bicycle sheds and road markings have gone through a joint and balanced growth. As if they have been able to prepare themselves in peace for years, for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of visitors and their cars, ready to host and not being interested in anything else but to treat their guests to that one, exclusive experience.........more
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