Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gymnasium Design | Krems | Austria | Caramel

Task of converting two lengthwise adjacent, 46-meter long gymnasiums into a fully functional triple gymnasium was to be quite a structural engineering feat.
The engineering firm accomplished this using only a 1.8-meter-high prestressed reinforced steel girder that absorbs the loads of both the existing gyms and the newly built extension. in keeping with the strict budget but also with the intention of clearly articulating the newly built addition as such, a light frame construction method with a high degree of prefabricated components was chosen.
Mere 16-cm-thin reinforced concrete ribs support prefabricated wooden panels; standard synthetic domes arranged in a seemingly random order provide lighting and a view of the outside.

Like a bulge in the ground the gym rises as a hull; no differentiation is made between roof and wall; the two fully glazed narrow sides, in a sense, remain open.........more
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