Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Residential Tower and Offices | The Woermann Tower | Spain | Herreros Arquitectos

The Woermann Tower is a virtual wood from which to enjoy the utopia of living immersed in a hybrid landscape. The tower will show itself to the city in complete harmony with that idea, a wood of natural and artificial shadows without scale, butv also a telamon that nods in admiration of the landscape it contemplates, and on the ground floor withdraws, providing ground to the pedestrians and, then soaring up with its public facilities to treetop height. With this vegetal and anthropomorphic conception, we aspire to represent the culture of our times. The Woermann Tower sets out to embody the illusions, desires and fantasies of a society that seeks to discover a compromise between nature and development, an intense form of life faithful to the landscape: another beauty..........more
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