Thursday, May 19, 2011

"MIC PLUS" | MILANO CONVENTION CENTER | Milan | Italy | Mario Bellini

The project, a direct commission, includes the restoration an renewal of the existing complex, followed by its extension and integration with the new part, thus creating a door open onto the Expo.
In the words of Bellini: “It is extremely rare that an architect gets the chance to bring a creation of his to life a second time. After only 11 years, the Portello exhibition complex – which I worked on between 1993 and 1997 – was in danger of ending up as industrial archaeology. But it was not to be. Thanks to a complex operation of ‘architectural surgery’, it is already destined to play a leading role in Milano Expo 2015.
The first will be the construction of a large Congress Centre in the southernmost building. This structure – overlooking the site where City Life with its already renowned skyscrapers is going to be built, is first off the blocks and issues a renewed challenge........more
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