Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lichtstrasse | A Single Family House | Basel Switzerland | HHF Architects

On the parcel with four existing houses from the early 20th century, three houses are being renovated while one is being replaced by a new building. The old and new buildings will be connected by a new stairwell and elevator on the back side. This project emphasises the qualities of the living and industrial area St. Johann in Basel: the close coexistence of old and new buildings. For this reason only one of the four existing houses on this parcel will be replaced by a new one, while the others will be renovated and profit from the new built infrastructure. A new staircase and elevator in the courtyard will also make the old houses directly accessible: the old staircases can be demolished and the gained area added to the respective apartments. These measures allow raise the desirability of the old houses and the ability to keep and lease the existing houses in the future.......more
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