Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Village | Bali | Ibuku

Set within a rural landscape along Bali Ayung’s river, Green Village is a planned community based on design concepts and sustainable principles established by the artisans and craftsmen that built Green School. Elora Hardy, Creative Director of the Ibuku bamboo company honored as a finalist of the 2010 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, says “Ibuku is committed to changing people’s perspective on the infinite potential of bamboo. With very few resources or attention a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, and that house could stand strong for a lifetime.” Raised in Bali and educated in the U.S., Hardy honed her design skills as sole print designer for fashion icon, Donna Karan, in New York City before moving back home in 2010. “Creating spaces where people can feel connected to nature without disrupting it is a thrilling design challenge for me,” she says..........more
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