Friday, April 29, 2011

Architectural Design Competition | New National Concert Hall | Dublin | 3XN

We would like to thank 3XN for sending us these:

3XN is one of two finalists in the prestigious competition to design Dublin’s new National Concert Hall. The competition was initiated in 2008 and the shortlist of renowned architects was soon narrowed down to two competing teams lead by Danish Architects; 3XN and Henning Larsen Architects. It is quite unique that two Danish studios come head to head in the final round of an international competition of this scope. Both teams have delivered spectacular designs for a world class concert hall to meet the client’s high ambitions for the project. Unfortunately the competition has now been cancelled due to lack of financing as a result of Ireland’s fragile economic situation and the client will not appoint a final winner. 
For more information on the proposal and 3XN's works, please visit 3XN
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