Thursday, March 10, 2011

Restaurant | ZLO | Manzanillo, Colima, México | Puuk Arquitectos

The project aims to combine two architectural programs, first rooms for rent and the other a restaurant-bar with service to the beach. The concept begins with the division of land into two parts in the longitudinal direction, which allows separate functions of the program more easily and retain the dual front both rooms to the restaurant, they are separated in the vertical direction. Due to the narrowness of the field, both the rooms and the bar rest area, cross the street front area to the beach, creating interiors for the rooms and providing the same features and direction of sunlight. Downstairs at the center, which serves as foundation and structure of the building houses the kitchen and bar, leaving aside the circulation to service the restaurant and the circulation for the rooms. Top floor boxes which house the rooms are out of phase to create air currents that come from the sea and cool rooms, same as sunlight filtered through local wood panels. Also terraces are created so you can enjoy outdoor space......more
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