Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights Competition | inFORM studio

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights Competition recognizes the participation of some of the most celebrated architects of our time. Thirty selectively chosen architects were commissioned to design an iconic and innovative museum space to address the issue of intolerance and inspire the world. The Forks site epitomizes the semiotics of meeting through its historical past and physical geography. The notion of intersection, convergence, and intertwining between rivers and land provide a rich palette in which to weave a profound program. The physical institution ought to redefine the seriousness of the place and yet resonate a sense of harmony with it. The promenade and park along the river, that include the Oodena Celebration Circle, the Healing Rock and a variety of contemplative spaces and sculptures, engender a quality of procession that present a sense of intersection through landscape. Topographical manipulations of the landscape allow the program to occupy the earth, the sky and the datum between the two.....more
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