Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kindergarten and Primary School | Escalada | Burgos | Spain | A3GM Arquitectos

Building project dedicated to teaching kindergarten and primary education in an urban environment in which every action is monitored by the Heritage Commission. The environment is a border area near the river Ebro semiconsolidated with the presence of medium-sized trees and various shrubs, bounded by a wall of masonry reached.

To integrate the building in a disjointed and volumes are often resorted to a strategy of decomposition or addition, with which virtually every space demanded by the program corresponds to an overwhelming volume of independently-looking, all of them crimped one piece lower circulation and services.

Needs program includes two primary school classrooms, a kindergarten with its own service center, a multipurpose classroom valid for dining with a trade partner, office, toilet rooms, storage facilities and various material. Outside, porches and a sports court.

The office and multipurpose room, more public, are near the entrance for easy operation and to ensure the isolation and privacy of classrooms. The porches occupy interstitial spaces between the volumes that make up the classroom, thus being protected yet open to the surrounding free space.....more
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