Thursday, January 20, 2011

Research and Training Center | MAX IV | Lund Sweden | 3XN

3XNs proposal for the MAX IV particle accelerator in Lund, Sweden, is designed with the circle as a defining theme throughout. The facilities spread out in ever-widening circles with the MAX IV as the sculptural centerpiece. The circular building is the focal point of the area’s activity and energy, surrounded by green areas containing slim poplars and cherry trees.

The expression of the building reflects a close relationship between nature and science. By integrating the building within nature, the building and the landscape become united, forming a harmonious, light and clear whole. As the function of the building is particle acceleration, it inspires the circular theme which creates spaces around the main accelerator; spaces which can be modified to accommodate training, technical facilities etc. Thus, the design and the layout of the MAX IV are created in order to ensure a dynamic, inspiring and functional research environment.

The building’s facade is composed of slender rings, reflecting the circular theme in yet another format and at the same time referring to traditional Scandinavian jewellery and chain mail. The subtle exterior elements form a light, beautiful and consistent pattern resulting in the MAX IV achieving a visually simple and yet detailed strong expression......more
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