Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brillare-Dining and party space For Risonare Hotel, Japan By Klein-Dytham

Brillare is a dining and party space, an addition to Risonare wedding resort where the Leaf Chapel is located. As you approach the hotel lobby, you will come across a shiny box surrounded by tall tree, and that shiny box is, Brillare.
The Leaf Chapel was designed to create a sensory space for the bride to give a precious moment to lift the veil. Now, Risonare wedding resort needed a space to celebrate that precious day.
The main space is built around a single 18m long table, with 22 chairs on each side. The table gradually becomes narrow starting from head to back. By using this effect, the bride and the groom who is sitting at the head of the table can see everyone and the table seems to go on forever. On the other hand the guests can see the happy couple larger and closer.
The interiors of the room including the furniture are all white while a beautiful nature gathers across the whole length of the room on both sides by sliding glass panels. An ornamental pattern frets the ceiling and frames the happy couple. With these techniques, the room dignifies and adorns the wedding feast. A brilliantly mirrored finish lets the exterior dissolve in the background. At night, the room appears to float with a pure white form glittering in the darkness of the forest....more
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