Friday, September 3, 2010

kadawittfeldarchitektur | Celtic Museum Glauberg | Germany

The Celtic Museum is a clearly contoured and distinct volume, blending in with the surrounding landscape. Partly inserted into the slope, it projects itself towards the burial mound. Its vital function as an element of the landscape, the museum building amplifies the burial mound’s leading role. Underneath the main volume, one finds the foyer and the cafĂ© and adjoining rooms as well. Here begins and ends the exploration of the museum’s archaeological trail. A staircase-ramp guides the visitor into the exhibition. In the end, one finds a panoramic window, offering an impressive view of the burial mound, incorporating it into the exhibition itself. The roof acts also as an observation deck onto the scenic landscape and the skies above – so that the surroundings can be“discovered."

Location:Glauberg (DE)
Construction Volume:GFA 1.900 m³, cubature 10.180 m³
Client:Land Hessen
Realization:2008 - 2009
Competition:2006 - 1st prize
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