Friday, September 3, 2010

Michael Sorkin Studio | A Seven Star Hotel In Tianjin, China |

Tianjin, China, 2009

Credits: Michael Sorkin,
Makoto Okazaki, Luoyi Yin, Yanqing Sun
Ryan Culligan, Qi Su

The hotel we have designed takes the form a small tower. Each room commands superb views of the lake from its glassy interior and its green balcony. Atop the hotel is a dazzling restaurant and bar, offering panoramic vistas. Unusual in form, this intimate, yet expressive, building promises to be a vivid marker on the skyline and powerful image to attract the world to its doors.

We have also proposed to locate the hotel and club at opposite ends of a curved, sandy beach. During the summer, this will be a place for sunbathing and swimming and in winter, a spot for romantic walks. By creating this waterfront condition, the villas arranged along the beach will gain special value and we can imagine the shared social life of hotel guests, occupants of these beach houses, and members of the club. We envision a luxurious spa, private dining, meeting rooms, sports facilities, bar, and the other amenities of a first-rate club.
This beach-front complex - with its unique forms and facilities - will surely become one of Tianjin's places to at Michael Sorkin Studio
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