Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 | suh architects + do-ho suh

'Blueprint' is a collaboration project between korean artist do-ho suh and seoul-based practice
suh architects (eulho suh and kyungen kim) for this year's international architecture biennale
in venice, italy. the 12.7m-long installation explores the notion of a home by questioning
the boundaries between where one once was, is, and soon will be.

The art piece features two parts: the first is a 1:1 scale reproduction of the new york townhouse
where do-ho suh currently resides constructed entirely out of translucent nylon fabric.
The hand-stitched recreation is suspended horizontally to hover above the viewer by
a system of wires that run from wall to wall.
The second part is a floor piece laid directly under the former, seemingly employing the role of shadow to the floating building.
Made out of CNC-milled high pressure laminate panels, the piece features a composite image
of the artist's original home in Korea, the New york townhouse facade, and a typical Venetian
villa's facade. the compilation is not merely an overlap of images but a morphing of
the three typologies: the industrial brick facade bears a number of gothic-looking windows
with lancet arches and decorative railings while the bay window is topped with a style
of tiled roof found in traditional Korean Hanok houses.
The result is a physical shadow of the haunting architectural facade that blurs the line between real and reflection, art and architecture, and the elements of the past, present, and future....more
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