Wednesday, August 25, 2010

COBE | Taastrup Theatre | Copenhagen, Denmark

The project for the extension and renovation of Taastrup Theatre seeks to improve the communication of the building with its environment – a social housing neighbourhood.
Formally we were commissioned to improve the energy consumption of the 1970s local community theatre in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Taastrup. Yet, we use this opportunity to improve the general appeal and functionality of the building by introducing a second (isolating) theatre curtain around the rough concrete structure.
By adding this new layer in front of the existing rough concrete structure, the building is extended and opened as wide as possible towards Kjeld Abels Plads north.

The new translucent facade subtly reminds us of a theatre curtain about to open when the play starts. In fact, when the tickets are outsold or the show is on, red lights underneath the facade broadcast the special atmosphere of this magic moment towards the square. This new composition underlines the unity of the old building and its extension as one piece of architecture.....more
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