Thursday, August 19, 2010


Architect's statement
"The TAIWAN POP MUSIC CENTER project provides a unique and critical opportunity to reconsider the role of contemporary pop music within the world.
As the most successful form of performance art, pop music has proven to have the capacity to re-frame points of view, galvanize positions, introduce new forms of visual and acoustical pleasure, deliver the most compelling form of oration and organize capital into some of the most significant economic industries in history.
Additionally, pop music, like all forms of emergent art practice, has introduced and created entirely new audiences to the world. Our proposal for the TPMC intends to further the tradition of pop music by introducing new forms of architecture and social organization into the world, and developing entirely new audiences for music and urban life.
Unlike traditional theaters which organize their formal composition as an expression of their internal arrangement, or acoustic excellence, our proposal understands that a theater's own visual performance stands alone as its unique personality and character in the context of it's city family.
The Taiwan Pop Music Center as put forth, intends to interact with and communicate with the people of Taipei unlike any other project, by developing an expressed personality through its exterior, and caring for its inhabitants through development of a sequence of entries and exists throughout its interior distributed program.
Not only will the Taiwan Pop Music Center exist as a world class performance center of contemporary national and international music, but it will transcend the barrier of construction to create a new character in the world: one that people not only attend, but relate to, feel affection towards, and find themselves within.

LOCATION: Taipei, Taiwan
CLIENT: Department of Cultural Affairs/Taipei City Government
PROGRAM: 6000-seat indoor theater, 15,000-standing outdoor amphitheatre, hall of fame museum, six (6) live houses, park, parking, subway interface
AREA Site: 7.65 hectares
COST NT3,500,000,000 (US106,000,000)
STATUS: Design 2009 (Competition)

Interesting images of the proposal here
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