Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baiyun International Center of Guang Zhou | Ney + Partners

The new Baiyun International Center of Guang Zhou (South China) is located along the Baiyun Avenue and faces the Baiyun Mountain. The project consists of five buildings, of which 3 congress centers and two hotels. Between these buildings, green connections link the project to the surrounding nature.

Specific features
Four out of the five buildings are in reinforced concrete. The structural grid is 18m by 18m. The central building is realised in steel. With its 150m length, 40m width and 45m height, it shows two cantilvers of 24m. Two steel truss beams are used in the longitudinal direction to support the floors, the cantilevers and the transmition of the seismic loadings to the shear walls. The so-called "eco-bridges" are bridges of 300m to 500m long snaking between the buildings and overcrossing the Baiyun Avenue. These bridges are made of reinforced concrete and carry one meter of soil and plantations used by the landscape architects to bring the nature into the city. The U-shaped cross-section has variable width. The supports are placed every 18m and are circular steel columns filled with concrete. The maximum span is 58m.
Pictures here

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