Thursday, August 12, 2010

Architectural Competition | Design As Reform | The Vanishing Mosque By RUX

The traffic design competition announced winners of its multi-discipline design competition. The winner of the Mosque category is Manhattan-based design studio RUX with their entry “The Vanishing Mosque”.
What if a mosque was not a building? What if it vanished into the fabric of a city? Seamless with the streets, connected directly to the pulse of daily life, and open to anyone and everyone at anytime, “The Vanishing Mosque” becomes more visible, more iconic, and more integral to the spiritual and cultural workings of a community than any building with doors and walls ever could.
This design strategy was created as a “developer’s tool” for integrating spiritual space within new urban developments in the Middle East. Superimposing the function of a mosque within an urban plaza maximizes the value of public spaces, increases the value of adjacent properties, and fosters a powerful sense of community for residents.
While the image of “The Vanishing Mosque” is new and seemingly unfamiliar, its driving design principles are inspired by those that have ruled mosque-building for centuries.....more
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