Thursday, August 12, 2010

World Expo 2010 Shanghai | Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion | IN/OUT arh studio

"Our goal was to create a unique space, a space that contains and combines different segments of our country’s presentation, while at the same time arranging the interior in such a way that a visitor would feel comfortable in an abundance of information presented to him/her, the complexity of the interiors, created by following simple rules, creates a plethora of possibilities for this exhibition’s presentation and to compel a visitor to step out of status quo and float through our space without neglect outside mantle which is defined with complicity of inside form.

The external structure is defined by the complexity of its internal form. The interior design is such that it flows outward, transforming itself into stripes, which envelop the structure. We chose to include this in an attempt to create unity of interior and exterior space. Stripes embedded into the façade reflect the playfulness of the children’s art imprinted on them; they are the harmony of childhood games shown through facade’s webbing.

We worked with the theme of fortification of medieval Bosnian cities and incorporated it into our idea of interior organization of space. Working with a theme of our medieval fortified cities, we applied that concept as an idea for arrangement of interior space.

We came up with schematics for the interior of our structure which correlate with the relationship and placement of elements, points: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Following the basic rule of movement of these points in coordinate system, this seemingly simple concept has transformed the entire interior of our structure into a complex space. On the outside, as per assigned guidelines, drawings made by children appear.

The interior is comprised of 5 scenes. Canvas cascading from the ceiling serves not only as an interior design stratagem; it also acts and directly contributes to the presentation, making the space playful in all its manifestations."

Pictures of the pavillion at architecturenewsplus or inout

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