Saturday, February 27, 2010

rhiza A + D | Timberline Lodge | New Winter Entrance

The historic Timberline Lodge has a new winter entrance designed by Portland-based architecture firm rhiza A + D.
In 1956 a temporary winter entrance, made of corrugated metal, was first constructed to combat the high snow drifts that accumulate at the entrance every year. It continued to make an appearance every winter until now.
The new entrance is a reticulated structure that can be assembled at the onset of each year’s snow season and disassembled the following spring.
The entrance has been designed to withstand the snow and wind loads encountered on Mount Hood, Oregon.
Constructed of a series of parabolic arches, each profile of the entrance is waterjet-cut from half-inch-thick aluminum plate. Each arch is composed of three segments to allow for efficient handling and storage. Each arch module is 30 inches wide, reaching 20 ft across by 20 ft high at the front facade.
To support the double skin of translucent polycarbonate panels, each profile is interlaced with continuously welded ribs. The translucent polycarbonate panels are lightweight, durable and replaceable.

Project Details

Completed October of 2009
rhiza A+D
Structural Engineer
- Madden & Baughman Engineering, Inc
Lighting Design
- Luma Lighting Design
General Contractor
- Hoffman Structures, Inc.
- Innovative Metal Design, LLC
- US Forest Service
Fundraising Organisation
- Friends of Timberline
Lodge Operator - RLK & Co

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