Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gon Zifroni (Metahaven) | Void House | Brussels, Belgium

Void House, 2008–2009
Architecture: Gon Zifroni (Metahaven) assisted by POM-Archi for the construction
Photography: Filip Dujardin
Address: Sint-Jobsesteenweg 400, 1180 Brussels
The program and plan are structured by floors for the agency of spaces and voids outside and inside the house.
The house seen from the street. The architectural envelop as a limit between the public and the private is put to test and reprogrammed. The house is designed from the standpoint of the commissioned program—a private house for two—but also from that of the common non-program—public space.
The main working-living area on the first floor. Placed on concrete slabs, the wooden structure is made entirely of fir from the Black Forest. The walls and floors are lined with bamboo.
Second floor view including the coated steel stairways and windows starting at eye-level up to the highest roof line.
A slightly tilted, seven-meter roof opening allows daylight to reach all parts of the house.
The ground floor can be closed with pivoting wooden fences, yet keeping a permanent 5 meter deep public space under the built volume.
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