Monday, September 28, 2009

University of Northampton Masterplan | Alison Brooks Architects

Alison Brooks Architects, one of the leading talents in the UK, was awarded first prize for their master plan for the University of Northampton. The two stage master plan will play a vital role in enabling the university to meet both the need for short term accommodations and longer term plans for future growth. “The School of the Arts embraces new technologies in a dynamic cross-discipline mix that will drive our vision for a creative technologies campus. I believe the chosen proposal will provide a powerful statement which captures and projects our collective values and ambitions,” explained Paul Middleton.
As the design was just selected, the next phase of work includes furthering the development of the concepts as well as consulting with the students, local residents, and faculty that will be using the building, to ensure that the plans will take into account the views from a broad spectrum of groups. The design for the University of Northampton will also work toward becoming sustainable.
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