Sunday, September 27, 2009

New 4th Army Jiangnan Headquarter Exhibition Hall | Atelier Zhanglei

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Situated in Liyang, the city 70km southeast of Nanjing, New 4th Army Jiangnan Headquarter Exhibition Hall was built to memory the history of New 4th Army leaded by Communist Party during last 30's. Fragmental granite is used here as façade cladding for the pure cubic volume which expresses very strong the monumental function of this project. The courtyard turns from internal volume to external façade, exposes itself in dramatic red section, presenting its revolutional feature of this project strongly supported by local government.

Structural & Material: Concrete, Brick, Stone
Floor Area: 4200 Square Meters
Design Period: 2006.03-2006.06

Texts and Images: Atelier Zhanglei
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