Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Estudio Lamela | Wroclaw Stadium

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The main idea of the competition entry is that the stadium, due to it’s size not only constitutes a part of the landscape, but it actually is a landscape as such. Therefore the design has been started from the scale of the landscape. The origins of the design may be found in the stripe pattern of farm lands around Wroc³aw.
The area of the investment has been divided into functionally differing stripes in such way that the stadium constitutes their culmination.
Other functions which, according to the investor, were to complete the area’s offer, were located in it’s close surrounding.
These are: retail centre, hotel, sports centre, multistory parking for 3600 cars and 180 coaches, accordant with FIFA / UEFA norms.
The covering of the stadium is designed as 3-dimensional structure of bars, spanned 350meters and 50 meters high. It is complemented by glazed cover hanged on steel ropes, which covers the shorter tribunes. The covering has been designed in order to smoothly integrate it with surrounding land.
The tribunes for spectators have been divided into lower ring – recessed in the land and upper ring – supported by concrete skeleton connected to the structural scheme of the parking.
All the tribunes offer about 44.000 seats including 537 VIP ones and 826 seats for the media and press. The necessary service functions, as cloak-rooms, VIP lounges, areas for press and TV have been located on respective levels under the western tribune.
The stadium complies with FIFA / UEFA norms for semi-final games.
Planned budget for the investment – approx. 500 million PLN (138 million Euro)

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