Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Knut Hamsun Center | Norway | Steven Holl

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Studio: Steven Holl Architects

Noah Yaffe (associate in charge - construction documents)
Francesco Bartolozzi
I Wisecarver (project team - construction documents)
Erik Fenstad Langdalen (project architect - design development)
Gabriela Barman-Kraemer
Yoh Hanaoka
Justin Korhammer
Anna Müller
Audra Tuskes (project team - design development)

Project Type: Multi-function Cultural Center,Museums ,Libraries

Client: Nordland Fylkeskommune (County)

Design: 1994

completion: 2008 | 2009


Project Description:
The building will rise around Presteid - Joint Hamarøy - in that once welcomed the estate which housed long Hamsun. The new center will host exhibition areas, a library, reading room, a café and an auditorium.

The structure is designed as a "compression of the spirit in archetypal space and light."
"Building as a body ground battle invisible forces" the principle that inspired the design of the museum.

A rooftop garden composed of long strings of grass intends to evoke the traditional Norwegian roofs covered with turf, however, revised in a modern way. While the facade in dark wood reminds the big horizontal slats of wood typical of Norwegian churches.
The rough concrete interior walls are white with diagonal ray of light whose projection changes during the different periods of the year.

The Knut Hamsun Center won in 1996 the Progressive Archietcture Award. The model of the project was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art.
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