Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jinbocho Theater | Tokyo Metropolis | Nikken Sekkei

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Owner:Shogakukan Inc.
Location:Tokyo Metropolis
Land area:319.28㎡
Site area:252.53㎡
Total floor area:1,427.59㎡
Structure:RC(steel plate anti-shock panel)
Floors:2 floors underground, 6 floors above ground
Max height:GL+28.05m
Construction period:From March 2006 to June 2007
Jinbou-cho, which is the City of Ancient Books, was lined up with cinemas and story-telling theaters, which is also referred to as the City of Theater Canopy. This plan, which is jointly devised by shogakukan and Yoshimoto Kogyo, is to revive the vitality of Jinbou-cho. This is an integrated project putting together a 100-seat cinema, a 126-seat story-telling theater, and a 300m2 practice arena for artistic school on approximately 300m2 of land.
Since the foundation is affected by the surrounding narrow streets and diagonal limitation, which effectively limits the planning, the necessary area may not be guaranteed, therefore, the sky rate system is flexibly used. Steel anti-shock plate that acts as exterior wall and anti-shock element covers the outside of the multi-facade structure of the new system, which makes this an external heat isolation building. The light structural frame produced by this method and the pillar-less space ensures the effective space utilization and guarantees the seat number.
The black cleavage acts as both the heat expansion and contraction device and rainwater-channeling device. An air ventilation device that may raise exterior heat isolation efficiency is here. Matching the theatrical image of the actor, exterior look that neglects details, and the unfurnished concrete wall, all of these will assist the revitalization of the city.
Text and images from Nikken Sekkei
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