Monday, August 17, 2009

Umraniye Retail Complex & Multiplex | Istanbul, Turkey | Foreign Office Architects

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Architects: FOA Foreign Office Architects, Farshid Moussavi and Alejandro Zaera-Polo
Location: Istambul, Turkey
Collaborators: Friedrich Ludewig, Kenichi Matzusawa, Chris Yoo; Schemes, Detail Design: Friedrich Ludewig, Christian Wittmeir, Samina Azhar, Andrei Gheorghe, Emory Smith, Ebru Simsek, Eduarda Lima
Client: Metro Group AG
Constrution year: 2007
Constructed Area: 55.000 sqm
Budget: 34 M EURO ( US $53,37 M)
Photographs: Cristóbal Palma, Friedrick Ludewig
Text and drawings from Archdaily
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