Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hillside Istinye Club | Istanbul, Turkey | GAD

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Located in the Istinye Park mall complex in Istanbul, the Hillside City Club (6000 square meter) is a state of the arts sports facility. While offering the latest in physical and mental training, the club also provides guests with other amenities such as; a café, restaurant, shops, bookstore, spa and a traditional hammam. This all encompassing service philosophy is a trademark for the Hillside Company.
Architecturally, the programmatic organization of the complex is arranged around various ‘social nodes’ intended as areas for social mixing and interaction. Additionally, the architects design objective was to create variation with spatial volumes throughout the complex. The ‘social nodes’ and ‘spatial volumes’ offer an architecturally diverse environment to supplement the various activities and services taking place at Hillside.
600 square meter Sanda Spa inside Hillside Istinye Club offers personal experiences with tranquility and esthetics as well as socializing if wanted..

In collaboration with Toner Mimarlik.

Images and text from GAD

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