Thursday, August 6, 2009

Garak Fish Market | Seoul, Korea | 2009 | Emergent Architecture

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"The Garak Fish Market is the largest wholesale market in Korea. It covers 54 hectares or 540,000 square meters of land and is one kilometer long. This project, undertaken with Chang-jo Architects, was an invited competition intended to explore the future of the development of the market and in particular, how it could become more integrated with the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. Of particular concern was the visual chaos and smell associated with the market, and whether or not some type of enclosure was warranted.

Our point of departure was to split the site into two zones, one ‘natural’ and one ‘urban’. The West area, adjacent to the Tan Stream, is to be developed into wetland preserve and leisure area. The displaced market program is stacked onto the Eastern side of the market creating a hyper-dense, two-level organization. The intention is to urbanize the market by stemming its organic sprawl and creating sectional properties."

Building Type:Wholesale fish and vegetable market


Principal:Tom Wiscombe

Project Partner:Chang-jo Architects

Project Team:Chris Eskew, Bin Lu, Ryan Macyausk,Cody Derra

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