Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Great Earth Memorial,Sichuan, China | Hou Liang Architecture

We designed the Great Earth Memorial to commemorate the earth, to express our reverence and sensation to earth which is the ultimate place of human resources. Since ancient times, in China's traditional culture, people are awe of nature. Reverence of nature shows the moral bottom line of a person or even a nation. Our behavior would be restrained on a certain degree when the hearts are full of faith and reverence. People, who hold reverence in life, would also love nature and the earth where we bored. Holding reverence in the earth, at meanwhile, is holding reverence in all species including ourselves. The nation has such ideas is noble and full of vitality.
Time: 2008.06
Location: Sichuan, China
Building area:10,492 m2

Text and images:Hou Liang Architecture
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