Saturday, July 11, 2009

Design Idea For Shop Interior | 44 West Broadway | Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA

Client: Ckyra Inc. New York
Ilja Buzdin, Anders Perbo, Natalia Kieseleva, Henry Williams

General contractor: Taocon Inc., New York
Steven Lamazore, Jordan Magenheim, Chris Mc Nally

Architects: Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA, New York
Nina Chen, Iela Herrling, Marcel Santer, Isa Stürm,Urs Wolf,

Lighting design: L’Observatoire International, New York
Hervé Descottes, Lindsay Gillespie

Specialty painter: Jason Middlebrook, New York

Graffiti painter: Toast and Shark, Berne
Ata Bozaci, Harun Dogan

Grafics: WBG AG, Zürich
Rolf Weiersmüller

Seating: Aquacreation, Tel Aviv

Ayala Serfaty, Limor Goren
The design concept for this tempting shoe store is to create an artificial sky scape, providing a cool and airy space as a kind of relief from the noise and bustling activity of West Broadway.

Undulating full height walls form a compressed and decompressed space to be travelled at different velocities. A slanted ceiling slowly torsions subtlety across the whole length of the space. This hand spayed sky scape, filled with light, air and clouds, creates the local weather of the room and extends the vertical dimension of the long and narrow space. In this space designer shoes are shown on curved shells and seats of colored leather balls invite to fit.
In the rear of the room a full wall mirror redoubles the space and captures the daylight, giving the illusion of a passageway continuing through the whole block to East Broadway.
Text and images:Isa Stürm Urs Wolf

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